Hi! That’s me I’m Erica, The Woman That Farms.

Stockwoman, shepherdess, gardener, mother and entrepreneur. I own and run a small farm in beautiful rural Scotland where I keep my cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, ponies, chickens and my beloved Scottish terriers!  Farming ethically and as organically as possible has it’s challenges but my biggest challenge is running my entire holding single handed with only a quad bike and trailer to help me feed, muck and move my animals.

Since hitting my rock bottom being left with £17 to my name and half a million pounds in debt, a large house and farm to run completely alone, depressed, frightened and desperate - to thriving, becoming happy, abundant and living a beautiful life.  I’m on a mission to prove that anyone can overcome hardship, heartbreak and life's struggles to create a life they want.

Have a look round I've crammed in as much inspiration, ideas, tips and advice as I can, I get real about making a rural living, coming back from the brink, my foodie passion, getting everything I can out of all that I've got and never giving up!

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Nestled away on the rural Galloway hills you will find my small farm.  It’s here that I live and work, run my holding, tend to my livestock, grow fruit and vegetables and run my rural businesses.  A small farm with very big ambitions!

My love of animals ran away with me some years ago, and I now keep a menagerie of four and two legged friends which include; Dexter cattle, ryeland and mule sheep, pigmy goats, kune kune pigs, horses, ponies and donkeys, pekin bantams, dogs and cats. My livestock live happy, content and quiet lives roaming the Galloway hills grazing on lush pasture.

I live for the outdoors and love being surrounded by nature, like my livestock I am just as free range!  I’ve lived an unconventional life for many years and had many ups and downs along the way, follow my ramblings here, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.